Tuesday, March 27, 2012



So While I was on vacation, there were this group of rasta guys that were selling their art, crafts, ganja, whatever... Of course, I drew a few of them as of course, birds, and a frog.

 When I got back home, I decided to develop one of the characters further.  These are just a few of the many pages of sketching, refinement, decision making that I went through to get from the sketch above, to the finished character design below.

at one point, I was trying to make him slow and lazy, kind of drugged out. I had his one arm dragging the ground as he walked. I decided this was too druggy, and so backed off and made the character more of a good natured sidekick type of guy. You know the goofball guy that has some profound, inspirational message for the main character when he gets down, Kind of like Mater, or donkey in Shrek
 And here was my final guy. I didn't want the barrel chest of a real pelican, this guys upper body is thin, and his upper arms are too. He's got some great home made hemp jewelry for you to try out too...

This is probably why this is a "sketch blog" it sometimes takes a lot of drawing to get from there to here.

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