Friday, September 16, 2011

Lost and Found and a thank you....

So this week I had to go to DC for work. I put my trusty sketchbook on top of the car, when back in to get my computer, came back put the computer in the back of the car and drove away. About 30 miles later, I realized my sketchbook was gone. Sick to my stomach, I called a friend at work and asked him to look for it. He walked down the road but no luck. So I had lost my sketchbook, and was flying out of town that evening. With no time to go home, I had to stop by an art supply store, buy a new sketchbook and get going. I sketch a lot when I'm flying and eating on business trips. I filled over 20 pages on this trip.

Thankfully, someone found my sketchbook, and instead of just calling my number in the book, they dropped it by my house. My pen was still even with it. I'm so thankful that there are good Samaritans out there.

So here is a drawing from the old sketchbook and one from the new. The new one will go on the shelf until the old gets full, or lost again.


Kevin said...

Great story. Glad you got it back. I can't even imagine the sick feeling. Phew. Again, thanks for sharing your amazing talent.


aisha said...

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