Thursday, November 19, 2009

Not a drawing...

So I found this post over on Vintage Disneyland Tickets:

Talking about the new Verizon app for in the Disney Parks. I'm happy and sad about it because I designed this app for Disney Mobile a few years ago. Even presented it at the WDW technology showcase. Of course it never was built at the time, but great ideas never die, so I'm glad to see Disney finally built it. Near the end of Disney Mobile, Sprint was going to build it, but it was finally built by Verizon. Here is an image of the booth I designed and built being set up in Florida. One great thing is that there was some kind of internal fight going on, so I didn't really have to run the booth. They brought in 2 guys from Imagineering to man the booth so I had a lot of time in the parks.

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