Tuesday, September 16, 2008

From the secret compartment of the Moleskine

I carry my sketchbook just about everywhere. About 2 years ago I converted to the cult of Moleskine, mostly because the sketcbook would fit into my pocket. I even have a mini-moleskin that I take when I don't want the big one to mess with all day.

But even though I carry my sketchbook, I still find myself drawing on any piece of paper that I can come across. Those drawings end up in the little pocket in the back. Here is one of them. This guy is a Joe Sixpack type of guy that dreams of having one of those fruity tropical drinks, so when he is feeling really crazy, (and his buddies are no where around) he pops one of them there tiny umbrellas into his cold miller light. It's almost like being on one of them there desert islands.....

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